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The May/June issue of The Wildlife Professional

The Beaver Balancing Act: Are these ecosystem engineers saviors or pests?

Read Now May 6, 2024
May 23, 2024

Mexican heat wave is killing howler monkeys

Temperatures are so high, the monkeys are falling from the trees

May 22, 2024

Jim Cardoza earns McDowell Award

The award is the Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ highest honor

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March 20, 2024

Wild Cam: Black-footed cats depend on rodent burrows

Researchers learn more about life underground of one of Africa’s smallest and rarest cats

March 19, 2024

WSB: Photographs can help track sandhill harvest trends

Wildlife managers developed a new tool to help track population data in game birds

March 14, 2024

TWS 2023: Roads change caribou movement in Northwest Territories

Researcher tracked how the ungulates moved before, during and after construction in Northwest Territories


March 12, 2024

Eastern wolves are isolated in Algonquin Provincial Park

Survival is low outside of the protected area compared to coyotes and hybrids

March 5, 2024

Q&A: How to conserve wildlife without conflict

Saving species doesn’t always have to pit stakeholders against each other

March 1, 2024

JWM: Are Yellowstone recreation restrictions beneficial to bears?

Male grizzlies may not be using some areas in the same way they used to


February 29, 2024

Wild Cam: Building a community of turtle conservationists in Kerala

Researchers who once knew little about Asian giant softshell turtles are now protecting them in southern India

February 14, 2024

JWM: How to limit collateral damage to turtles when burning

Researchers analyzed the best time to prescribe fires in parts of Illinois to avoid undue reptile deaths

February 13, 2024

JWM: Ecotourism may stress black caimans in the Amazon

Researchers found elevated corticosterone levels in black caimans after handling them and taking flash photography