Each year awards are given to one individual within the wildlife profession and one individual or group outside the profession that have made noteworthy contributions to wildlife conservation in the region. Nominations must be submitted to State Representatives by January 15 of each year. Awardees are announced at the Annual Meeting in April.  Please consider nominating someone this year!

The Call for Nominations has now closed. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Professional Achievement Award

 Name  Affiliation  Year
 Bill Hesselton  US Forest Service 1995
 Doug Blodgett  VT Fish & Wildlife 1996
 Steve Broderick 1997
 Mark Ellingwood  CT DEP – Wildlife Division 1998
 Will Staats  NH Fish & Game 1999
 Tom Decker  VT Fish & Wildlife 2000
 Charlie Allin  RI DEM – Wildlife Division 2001
 Bob Askins  Connecticut College 2002
 Ed Robinson  NH Fish & Game 2003
 Jim Oehler  MassWildlife 2004
 John Lanier  NH Fish & Game 2005
 Susi von Oettingen  US Fish & Wildlife Service 2006
 Eric Orff  NH Fish & Game 2007
 John Litvaitis  Univ. of New Hampshire 2008

The 2009 Professional Achievement went to Jim Cardoza of MassWildlife for the lifetime of contributions he has given to the field of wildlife biology.  The award was presented by Ken MacKenzie of MA Dept of Conservation and Recreation.

Photo by: Marion Larson

Certificates of Recognition:

Past winners:  Northeast Utilities, the Connecticut Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), the Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership, Connecticut Waterfowl Association, Mike O’Leary (CT DEP volunteer), and the Weir Family from Amherst, MA.

This year the award was given to Janice Holland of Old Saybrook Land Trust for her coordination of over 200 landowners on a LIP Fragmites Control Project.  Award was presented by Judy Wilson of CT DEP:

Photo by: Marion Larson