Image Credit: USFWS


Mississippi Chapter of The Wildlife Society Publication Awards

Outstanding Technical Publication

2014 — Scott Edwards, John Gruchy, J.M. Lee (Fire on the Forty: A Campaign to Restore Fire-Adapted Ecosystems in Mississippi)

2013 — Kevin Nelms, Jon Allison, Bronson Strickland, Bill Hamrick (Growing and Managing Sunflowers for Dove Fields in the Southeast)

2011 — Bill Hamrick, Mark Smith, C. Jaworowski, Bronson Strickland (Landowners Guide for Wild Pig Management: Practice Methods for Wild Pig Control)

Outstanding Peer-Reviewed Publication

2015 — Scott Rush, Kim Sash, John Carroll, Bill Palmer, Aaron Fisk (Feeding Ecology of the Snake Community of the Red Hills Region Relative to Management for Northern Bobwhite: Assessing the Diet of Snakes Using Stable Isotope)

2014 — Kristine Evans, L. Wes Burger, Sam Riffell, Mark Smith, Dan Twedt, R.R. Wilson, S. Vorisek, C. Rideout, K. Heyden (Avian community response to conservation buffers in agricultural landscapes during winter)

2013 — Bronson Strickland, Stephen Demarais, Phillip Jones, Chad Dacus (Phenotypic and Reproductive Variation in Female White-tailed Deer: The Role of Harvest and the Environment) 

2011 — Steve Grado, Kevin Hunt, Cliff Hutt, X.T. Santos, Rick Kaminski (Economic impact of waterfowl hunting in Mississippi derived from a state-based mail survey)

Outstanding Popular Article

2014— Andi Cooper (Ducks and Drought)

Outstanding Media Product

2014— Steve Gruchy, James Cummins (Conservation Finance Center)

2011— Bill Hamrick, Bronson Strickland, Ben West (A Pickup Load of Pigs: The Feral Swine Pandemic)

Outstanding Book

2014— Adam Rhonke, James Cummins (Fish and Wildlife Management: A Handbook for Mississippi Landowners)