History & Mission

Read about the history of the Illinois Chapter of The Wildlife Society (ICTWS).

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Leadership & Governance

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Award of Merit

The Professional Award of Merit is given by the Illinois Chapter of The Wildlife Society to Society members for outstanding professional accomplishments in wildlife conservation. The award is restricted to living conservationists who are or have recently been active within the State of Illinois and is given only in those years in which a truly deserving candidate is available.

Professional Award of Merit Nomination Form

Completed nomination forms can be sent to the current ICTWS President.

View a list of past award recipients.

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Science Fair Links

What better way to get students interested in science than participation in a science fair. Limited only by a student’s curiosity and imagination, science fairs bring science to life through hands-on experiments and demonstrations.

The following links are great sites providing ideas for science fair projects related to wildlife and conservation education.

Arizona Game & Fish Department

National Wildlife Federation

World Wildlife Foundation – Science Fair Ideas