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Accomplishments of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness Working Group

  • Awards

    A full list of accomplishments is also available here (updated in 2017)

    • Administers the annual TWS Diversity Award (12 awardees, 2002‐2014)
    • Recognition for TWS Past‐President Wini Kessler on STEM’s 100 Women Leaders
  • Conferences
    • The Future of Diversity in our Disciplines and our Careers: Natural Resources and the Environment, Virginia Tech (2013)
  • Keynote Speakers
    • Mamie Parker (2012), Seafha Tuttle (2010), Roel Lopez and Columbus Brown (2012)
  • Mentoring
    •  Scholarship programs
  • Partnerships
    • Women of Wildlife (WOW)
    • Native Peoples’ Wildlife Management WG
  • Position Statements
    • TWS Position statement on workforce diversity
  • Publications
    • Homyack, Jessica, Schweitzer, Sara and Tabitha Graves. 2014. Institutional Biases And Barriers To Women In The Science And Technical Fields: What The Research Tells Us. The Wildlife Professional8: 48‐52.
    • Lopez, Roel, and Columbus H. Brown. 2011. Why diversity matters; broadening our reach will sustain natural resources. The Wildlife Professional 5:20‐27.
    • Brown, Columbus H. 2011. Lessons learned from life experiences. The Wildlife Professional 5:28‐29.Blount, Seafha. 2011. Crossing the cultural divide. The Wildlife Professional 5:30‐31.
    • Unger, Katherine. 2011. A sense of belonging; John Robinson helps all feel at home in nature. The Wildlife Professional 5:32‐33.
    • LaRoe, Lisa Moore. 2011. A person of vision; one woman’s quest to engage people with nature. The Wildlife Professional 5:34.
  • TWS Symposia
    • 2015 – A Diversified Profession: Are We There Yet? (2015)
    • Human Diversity and Changing Professional Identities in Wildlife (2014))Women’s Increasing Role in the Wildlife Profession: Leveraging Strengths and Understanding Differences (2013)
  • TWS Workshops
    • Understanding and Leveraging Differences in the Workplace (2013)