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Current Officers

  • Chair-elect: Robert Magill

    Robert has over 30 years of experience working on wildlife conservation. His experience is wide, ranging from working for state agencies as a program manager level, to working with private companies as a senior biologist, with nonprofit organizations serving as a biologist and supervisor to being self-employed as a contracting biologist. Robert is currently preparing to begin a PhD program with the goal of investigating the effects of upland and/or riverine restoration efforts on downstream estuarine benthic macroinvertebrates and how those effects are manifested in the avian community adjacent to restoration-influenced estuaries. Robert’s objectives for the working group are to continue growing its active presence in TWS while pushing for the incorporation of the newest applied science breakthroughs in wildlife, conservation, and restoration. He seeks to elevate the role of science over politics and serve as an advocate for sound, science-based management choices.

  • Secretary-Treasurer: Daniel Price
  • Communications Committee Chair: Julien St-Amand

    I am currently working with the government of British Columbia on developing programs and guidance to build ecosystem resilience and adapt in the face of climate change. Prior to that, I worked in a role aiming at empowering staff to conduct conservation work in 1,035 protected areas in British Columbia. I also worked as a field biologist specialized in monitoring bird species at risk such as Black Swift, Bank Swallow and Barn Swallow in Jasper National Park, in Alberta.

    I grew up in Québec and I completed a BSc in biology at the Université de Sherbrooke. My undergrad thesis was on the spatial ecology and reproductive strategy of racoons located around my apartment. One of my favourite party tricks at the time was to take out my telemetry antenna and locate raccoons in the neighbour’s trash can! I also got to live like a woodpecker for a number of summers during my MSc at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, studying the foraging ecology of Williamson’s Sapsuckers.

    I am an alumnus of the 2020-21 Leadership Institute of The Wildlife Society. I am one of the members who actively worked to revitalize the name and charter of the Habitat Restoration and Conservation Working Group in 2021. I see communications as a core element in the next steps to revitalizing the HRCWG and contribute to a flourishing TWS community. I am excited to have the chance to help the HRCWG engage its members and leaders.

  • Audits Committee Chair: Krysten Zummo
  • Scholarships and Awards Committee Chair: Drew Ann White-Jacobson

    I received my BS at Utah State University in Conservation and Restoration Ecology, and a later a MS from Tarleton State University with a thesis preforming a habitat assessment in the context of ungulate health for the AZA accredited Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. My professional experiences have centrally focused on enhancing management decisions on the conservation and restoration of species in decline, while simultaneously mentoring the young professionals as a graduate student TA, volunteer, and supervisor. As a passionate young professional I would serve on this board by bringing energy and dedication to enhancing the impact of our valuable scientific efforts while becoming more inclusive to women and minorities interested in our changing world.

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