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Welcome to the Human Dimensions Working Group

Why we exist

Many wildlife professionals have noted wildlife conservation is “90% people management and 10% wildlife management.”  As wildlife conservation continues into the future, the human dimension is increasingly more important as confounding variables contribute to the difficultly of managing for the Public Trust. The Human Dimensions Working Group of The Wildlife Society promotes the study and transfer of information relative to human dimensions, social aspects, and policy related to wildlife management. The working group enhances knowledge and technical capabilities of wildlife professionals and increases awareness and appreciation of public involvement in wildlife management.

What we do

The working group discusses such topics as hunting/trapping of wildlife populations, stakeholder input processes, and public attitudes toward wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation/protection. We also provide a forum for human dimensions professionals to share research findings and collaborate to produce high quality research.


Membership is available to all current TWS members. You may join our Working Group by logging in to your TWS account.