Area of Focus: Mammals

November 1, 2023

Study finds flame retardants widespread in wildlife

The chemicals can affect their ability to reproduce

October 31, 2023

Two conservation artists receive ‘Ding’ Darling Memorial Award

Melissa Groo and Erika Coover are being honored for their work

October 27, 2023

Warming Arctic may pose new risks to endangered right whales

Fishing boats and North Pacific right whales must share the narrow Bering Strait

October 25, 2023

USFWS rule would expand area for ferret reintroduction

It would also increase flexibility for wildlife managers, and encourage greater cooperation between managers and landowners

October 20, 2023

The Department of the Interior announces two new wildlife refuges 

The Wyoming Toad Conservation Area and Tennessee’s Paint Rock River National Wildlife Refuge are the newest additions

October 19, 2023

New system better detects polar bear dens

Denning is a vulnerable time for polar bears

October 17, 2023

Watch: A Pennsylvania study unveils deer mysteries

The 10-year-old Deer-Forest study has gathered important data and surprising tales

October 16, 2023

Predator exclusion cages aren’t a trap for sea turtles

Researchers worried the cages would show coyotes where to prey on sea turtles

October 12, 2023

Kentucky honored for elk restoration

The state hosts the largest herd east of the Rockies

October 10, 2023

Gray wolf recovery brings new management challenges

Scientists suggest creating zones for different types of gray wolf management