Area of Focus: Drones

September 11, 2023

WSB: Drones can help scare gulls away

Gulls can cause huge problems for wildlife managers in some cities. When they nest in large colonies near airports, these urban-adapted, roof-nesting birds pose a risk of collision with planes....

July 13, 2023

Drones give new insight into dolphin ages

By knowing their ages, researchers can gauge the health of dolphin populations

May 23, 2023

Study suggests ‘not all is lost’ for ivory-billed woodpecker

Researchers compiled a decade’s worth of reports, audio and images

May 10, 2023

WSB: Drones help quantify wild pig damage

An eye in the sky can help landowners make decisions for managing wild pigs

Beluga whale image taken from drone footage
March 10, 2023

Flying drones at low altitudes may harass belugas

Researchers examined footage to find out why belugas were diving deep into the water of the St. Lawrence Estuary