Area of Focus: Climate Change

April 10, 2024

WSB: Spotting leopard seals by algorithm

Researchers tested computer programs to see how well they identified individuals by their markings

March 22, 2024

Warming climate shifts bowhead whale migratory path

Bowhead whales are changing their timing and path of migration

March 7, 2024

The March/April issue of The Wildlife Professional

High Heat: Climate change is transforming mountain ecosystems

March 6, 2024

Birds aren’t keeping up with earlier springs

Climate change is shifting the arrival of spring

March 4, 2024

As Arctic summers lengthen, some polar bears are at increased risk of starvation

The bears are losing body mass as they spend more time on land

February 22, 2024

‘Time travel’ study delivers dire prediction for Louisiana marshes

About 75% of the state’s coastal marshes could be under water in 50 years

February 21, 2024

Southern birds are replacing northern species in Canada’s protected areas

These areas may offer a steppingstone to birds fleeing warmer temperatures

February 15, 2024

Climate change to bring invasive plants to the eastern U.S.

The plants could be ecologically and economically harmful

February 13, 2024

UN report finds a fifth of migratory species are at risk of extinction

Nearly half of species’ populations are declining

February 8, 2024

Mexico monarch numbers plunge

Biologists blame heat, drought and habitat loss