Area of Focus: Carnivores

April 16, 2024

Current and past TWS presidents urge Wyoming to address wildlife abuse

Wildlife professional leaders are appalled by recent events involving the abuse and frivolous killing of a gray wolf in western Wyoming

April 15, 2024

USFWS begins grizzly bear restoration assessment in the Bitterroot ecosystem

The USFWS informs about possible options for grizzly bear restoration

April 15, 2024

Iran frees scientists who studied big cats

The four were among nine arrested in January 2018

April 12, 2024

Colorado calf killed by wolf

It’s the first known livestock kill after the predators were reintroduced to the state in December

April 10, 2024

Hunter harvests wolf in Michigan coyote hunt

No wolf had been seen in that part of the state for over a century

April 9, 2024

New agreement paves the way for ocelot reintroduction on private lands

The safe harbor agreement lets ranch operations continue

April 2, 2024

Will grizzlies and ‘grolar bears’ reduce caribou?

Northwest Territories hunters and biologists are seeing more grizzlies and hybrids

March 25, 2024

JWM: Low-flying aircraft affect polar bear behavior

Low-flying aircraft may spook polar bears in remote parts of Alaska that rarely see other direct human intrusions.

March 20, 2024

Wild Cam: Black-footed cats depend on rodent burrows

Researchers learn more about life underground of one of Africa’s smallest and rarest cats

March 18, 2024

Apex predators don’t restore wetland willows

Reintroducing wolves didn’t result in a rapid recovery of willows in Yellowstone