Area of Focus: Carnivores

June 10, 2024

Aging one-eyed wolf has 10th litter

The wolf is one of the oldest known in Yellowstone

May 30, 2024

DNA shows mysterious Nevada canids weren’t wolves

Two lab tests indicate they are coyotes

May 28, 2024

Colorado governor welcomes back wolverines

Gov. Polis signed into law an effort to return the predators to the state

May 21, 2024

Colorado lawmakers open door to wolverine return

A bill seeks to create an experimental population

May 8, 2024

JWM: Scare devices keep grizzlies away from grain spills

Grain spills around farmers’ houses can attract bears and cause conflict with humans

April 24, 2024

History may point to a brighter future for Canada lynx

Areas the predator once roamed may be able to support them again

April 23, 2024

Deep snows deter red foxes

Frequent, larger snow events brought on by climate change could reduce fox populations

April 16, 2024

Current and past TWS presidents urge Wyoming to address wildlife abuse

Wildlife professional leaders are appalled by recent events involving the abuse and frivolous killing of a gray wolf in western Wyoming

April 15, 2024

USFWS begins grizzly bear restoration assessment in the Bitterroot ecosystem

The USFWS informs about possible options for grizzly bear restoration

April 15, 2024

Iran frees scientists who studied big cats

The four were among nine arrested in January 2018