Area of Focus: Birds

July 16, 2024

USFWS plans to cull 450,000 barred owls to help native species

Project aims to stymie loss of California and northern spotted owls

July 1, 2024

Snowmobiles affect bird songs

Researchers compared the way that snow machine noise silences bird songs in Yellowstone National Park

June 27, 2024

A new list documents ‘lost’ birds

Researchers tallied 126 species not seen in a decade

June 24, 2024

To save Hawaiian honeycreepers, conservationists make allies with mosquitoes

Biologists are using modified mosquitoes to reduce deadly avian malaria

June 20, 2024

Could treating injured raptors help lift a population?

Researchers found the work of rehabbers can have long-lasting benefits

June 14, 2024

Artificial water sources help migrating cranes

Reservoirs, stock ponds and flooded meadows provide water in parched landscapes

June 10, 2024

JWM: For barn owls, roads disrupt country living

Nest box occupancy and fledgling success decrease near roadways

June 7, 2024

New Jersey seeks to remove bald eagles, ospreys from endangered list

Plans also call for downlisting the bobcat to threatened

June 3, 2024

Storm-tossed flamingos remain in Florida

A survey found over 100 flamingos in the state after Hurricane Idalia blew them in

May 20, 2024

Ukraine war impacts migrating eagles

GPS tags showed greater spotted eagles avoided conflict zones