Area of Focus: Bats

October 3, 2023

Festivals could be affecting bat activity 

The ultrasound that flying mammals rely on could be masked by music

October 2, 2023

Building a better bat box

Artificial bat roosts have downsides, but some tweaks can improve them

September 28, 2023

USDA program combats raccoon rabies by air

As rabies declines in raccoons, it’s rising in bats

September 20, 2023

Spiders pass mercury to land animals

Arachnids can be an indicator of mercury pollution in bats, birds and amphibians

August 28, 2023

White-nose syndrome takes a toll on Texas bats

The deadly disease was first detected in the state in 2020

August 11, 2023

Watch: Biologists count thousands of bats in eastern Washington

Surveying bats helps monitor the colonies’ health

May 22, 2023

Vermont cave hosts survivors of white-nose syndrome

Biologists hope they can help repopulate devastated bat populations

May 17, 2023

Three bat species recommended for Canada’s endangered species list

Wind turbines were found to present the greatest threat

May 2, 2023

White-nose syndrome discovered in Colorado

A Yuma bat became the first bat in the state to test positive for the deadly disease

April 18, 2023

Report: Nearly half of North American bat species face steep declines

The State of the Bats in North America report documents threats facing bats across the continent