Border Collies Might Chase Geese From National Mall

The National Park Service has plans to send dogs in Washington D.C. on a wild goose chase. The agency proposed Tuesday to use border collies to chase Canada geese (Branta canadensis) from the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool and other areas of the mall where they often loiter. Flocks of geese are leaving large amounts of droppings around the mall, according to Park officials. This can cause damage to pipes and filters in the reflecting pool and also serves as a public health hazard. The agency is looking for public opinions on the proposed plan.

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Header Image: A flock of Canada geese eat and swim in the water. The National Park Service in Washington D.C. is proposing to have border collies chase away Canada geese from areas of the mall that are covered in goose droppings.
Image Credit: Marsha Meyer via Flickr