San Joaquin Kit Fox Workshop

September 28th through October 1st 2015

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The California Central Coast Chapter of The Wildlife Society is pleased to offer this professional workshop on the San Joaquin kit fox (Vulpes macrotis mutica).  The workshop consists of two and a half days and two or three nights of lectures and field surveys in the Carrizo Plains core habitat area.  You will see foxes and their sign and receive instruction on identifying sign, monitoring dens, and performing standard survey techniques. Lectures will also cover kit fox ecology and conservation challenges. You will see multiple foxes in varying habitat throughout the plains while learning to set camera traps, spotlight for kit foxes, and differentiate kit foxes from juvenile coyotes and potentially other canids.


Arrive by noon on Monday, September 28

Depart after breakfast on Thursday, October 1


Lectures, lodging, and dining will be at the historic Chimineas Ranch house on the Carrizo Plains Ecological Reserve (CA Department of Fish and Wildlife Lands) in eastern San Luis Obispo County.  Day and night surveying for San Joaquin foxes and their sign will occur on Fish and Wildlife Lands and the Carrizo Plains National Monument (BLM lands). (Note: no internet access except through your cell network, which is patchy out here. Verizon may work.)


Brian Cypher, CSU Stanislaus Endangered Species Recovery Program

Christine Van Horn Job, CSU Stanislaus Endangered Species Recovery Program

Bob Stafford, CDFW wildlife biologist, manager of Carrizo Plains Ecological Reserve

Craig Fiehler, CDFW wildlife biologist, Central Region

Other instructors confirming their availability.