Annual Wildlife Symposium 2015


Current status and ecological limits of CA newts in central California

By: Juliet Knowles, UC Santa Barbara

Distinguishing the Impacts of Inadequate Prey and Vessel Traffic on an Endangered Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Population                                                                                

By: Dr. Katherine Ayres, H.T. Harvey and Associates

Genetic Variation in Plebejus icarioides moroensis (Morro Blue Butterfly)

By: Michael Walgren, California Department of Parks and Recreation

Little-Known Slender Salamanders in Central California                                

By: Dr. Samuel Sweet UC Santa Barbara

Long-term population trends and density estimates for San Joaquin kit fox on the Carrizo Plain National Monument                                                                            

By: Craig Fiehler, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Morro shoulderband snail and the Los Osos Wastewater Project

By: Kate Ballantyne, SLO County Public Works and Travis Belt, SWCA

Observed tolerance of noise, visual, and physical disturbance to Southern California nesting birds associated with construction activities                                                  

 By: Alicia Hill, TRC Solutions

Wildlife-related research at the UCSB Sedgwick Reserve                        

By: Kate McCurdy, UCSB Sedgwick Reserve

Professional and Citizen Science Monitoring to Guide Community-Based Seabird Conservation

By: Julie Howar, Point Blue Conservation Science

San Joaquin kit fox presence on and near Topaz Solar Farms, San Luis Obispo County

By: Dr. Daniel Meade, Althouse and Meade

San Luis Obispo County Coastal Steelhead

By: Meredith Hardy, Ca Conservation Corps

Successful establishment of a breeding population of bald eagles to the Ca Central Coast Region

By: Kelly Sorenson, Ventana Wildlife Society

The effects of the California Valley Solar Ranch photovoltaic project on bats

By: Dave Johnston, H. T. Harvey & Associates

Thigmothermy in adult female arroyo toads (Anaxyrus californicus)

By: William Haas, Pacific Coast Conservation Alliance

Ugly at the edges: Genetic consequences of rapid population declines and local extirpation within the distribution of the California red-legged frog Rana draytonii By: Dr. Jonathan Richmond, US Geological Survey

Using GSM transmitters to track California Condor movement patterns in central California

By: Joe Burnett, Ventana Wildlife Society