BLM approves planning proposal

The Bureau of Land Management has finalized a strategy, known as Planning 2.0, with the goal of making land-use planning more efficient, more accessible to the public, and more adaptive to changing conditions on public lands.

BLM recognized that the process to establish Resource Management Plans was inefficient, limiting BLM’s capacity to update or improve land management strategies. This prompted the agency to redesign these resource management planning regulations for the first time in over three decades. These revisions include changes that make it easier to update Resource Management Plans, increase public input at the beginning of plan development, and facilitate adaptive management and science-based decision making. The planning proposal was controversial throughout its development, with some governors and lawmakers concerned about how the new plan would impact state input to management decisions.

Planning 2.0 will take effect 30 days after the plan is officially published in the Federal Register.

Header Image: Eagletail Mountains Wilderness, Arizona. ©BLM