Fellows Program

The Fellows Program recognizes members who have distinguished themselves through exceptional service to our profession. TWS Fellows serve as ambassadors for the Society and as such are encouraged to engage in outreach and other activities that will benefit and promote both TWS and the wildlife profession.

A maximum of two TWS Fellows per Section may be appointed annually, with an annual Society-wide total not to exceed 10, by vote of Council at the March meeting.  Sitting members of Council cannot be nominated.

As of 2021, in a year when less than 10 Fellows are selected following regular order, Council has the discretion to select more than two nominees per Section up to a maximum of 10 Fellows

In 2011, Council decided that all past presidents of TWS, upon completion of their term as immediate past president, should automatically become TWS Fellows if they hadn’t previously been honored in that manner. Any past president who was not already a Fellow was inducted in 2012. Past presidents do not count against the annual Society-wide maximum total of 10.

TWS Fellows are appointed for life. Fellow appointments will be announced at the Society’s Annual Conference, and recipients will be presented with a pin and a certificate.

Award Criteria

  • TWS member (current) for at least 10 years
  • Active in TWS at section, chapter, working group, or main/international level
  • Distinguished professional record that includes significant contributions to wildlife resources and the profession

Nomination Procedures

Nominations can come from Sections, Chapters, or individual TWS members.

Nominations must use the Fellows Program application form.

Submit these materials via email to awards@wildlife.org. The nomination and complete supporting documentation should be sent as a single PDF file by February 1, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST.