Author: Dana Kobilinsky

summer tanager
January 20, 2023

Research on human impact on Appalachian songbirds earns student award

As climate and land use changes take place throughout the Appalachians, researchers are watching how different species will react. Hannah Clipp, a PhD candidate at the West Virginia Cooperative Fish...

January 20, 2023

Organization plans to restore bison-driven ecosystem to Montana

A Montana nonprofit organization is importing bison on land it has purchased with the goal of restoring the natural ecosystem that the creatures once engineered in the region. The nonprofit,...

pallas cat
January 19, 2023

Wild Cam: Mongolian wolves, marmots and a feral dog challenge

The wild montane regions of Mongolia are home to a diverse group of mammals, including ibex, one of the largest marmot species on the planet, furry Pallas’s cats and corsac...

black bear
January 19, 2023

What makes a black bear brown?

Despite their name, black bears don’t always have black coats. That can make it difficult to tell a brown-colored black bear (Ursus americanus) from a grizzly (Ursus arctos horribilis). Researchers...

jaime coon
January 18, 2023

How to make the field safer, more inclusive for LGBTQ+ wildlifers

Plenty of research papers have covered some of the overarching institutional barriers faced by marginalized groups—like those belonging to the LBGTQ+ community—in environmental sciences, but those papers have often overlooked...

shane mahoney
January 18, 2023

Shane Mahoney earns conservation education award

The Dallas Safari Club Foundation has named TWS member Shane Mahoney the inaugural winner of its education award. Mahoney is the founder and CEO of Conservation Visions, an initiative dedicated...

spotted owl
January 17, 2023

Researchers question spotted owl recovery efforts

A group of researchers is suggesting that plans to protect the northern spotted owl may need to be updated, with additional restrictions put in place on timber removal, even in...

mule deer
January 17, 2023

Journey through mule deer migration story map

Researchers have put together an immersive story map where readers can learn more about the migration of Rocky Mountain mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus), particularly the journey of Deer 255, a...

blacck bear
January 13, 2023

Southwestern black bears are isolated on mountain ranges

Black bear populations in the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico can be divided into several genetically distinct groups that haven’t mixed much for thousands of years. New research reveals that...

yuma ridgeway's rail
January 13, 2023

TWS2022: Does selenium affect Yuma Ridgway’s rails?

In 1986, the Kesterson Reservoir in central California was closed due to selenium toxicity. Young waterbirds and fish had developed deformed wings, beaks, and eyes. The reservoir was protected within...