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The Arkansas Chapter’s principal objectives are:

(1) to establish and maintain the highest possible professional standards;

(2) to take an active role in the development and promotion of sound stewardship of wildlife resources and of the environments upon which humans and wildlife depend;

(3) to undertake an active role in preventing environmental degradation; and

(4) to increase public awareness and appreciation for wildlife values by fostering the free flow of information between professional biologists.

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge


 Leadership & Governance

2022-2023 Arkansas Chapter Officers

President: Clint Johnson

President-Elect: Levi Horrell

Past President: Dr. Becky McPeake

Treasurer: Matt Anderson

        Secretary: Idun Guenther

Board Member-at-Large: Bubba Groves

        All correspondence should be sent to

Spring Bear


 History and Bylaws

2022 Bylaws (2022)

Chapter Officer Duties (2010)

Chapter Financial Policy (2009)

Chapter History (1972-2004)