2018 Annual Meeting Abstracts

A survey of ticks (Acari: Ixodida) parasitizing reptiles from managed pine-hardwood forests of northwestern Alabama, USA | TJ Haltigan, Alabama A&M University

Determining Mercury Concentrations in Turtles While Identifying Areas of Concern at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Alabama | Andrew W. Cantrell, Alabama A&M University

Effects of Land-Use on Endemic and Disjunct Beetles in Black Belt Prairie Fragments | Thomas P. Franzem, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

Effects of Loblolly Pine Thinning Intensity and Prescribed Fire on White-tailed Deer Forage and Stand Economics | Kent A. Keene, Auburn University

Evaluation of methods to increase deer forage and turkey brooding cover in Coastal Plain hardwood stands | Mark A. Turner, Auburn University

Factors Associated with Occupancy of Different Age/Sex Classes of Deer in the Black Belt Ecoregion | Colton D. Blankenship, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

Landscape demographics and landscape genomics for the cerulean warbler (Setophaga cerulea) | Richard R. Borthwick, Alabama A&M University

The Native Bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila) of Coastal Dune Environments of Florida | Anthony P. Abbate, University of Florida

North Alabama Ecological Forecasting | Emily Kinkle, University of Alabama in Huntsville

Saving the sandy mounder: Determining habitat suitability for the conservation of the southeastern pocket gopher (Geomys pinetis) | Elizabeth I. Parsons, Auburn University

Stakeholder Perspectives towards the Use of a Toxicant for Managing Wild Pigs | Ellary Tucker Williams, Auburn University

Update on long term herpetofaunal community response to silviculture treatments at William B Bankhead National Forest, Alabama | TJ Haltigan, Alabama A&M University

Using NASA Earth observations to monitor salinity changes in the Mobile Bay/Mississippi Sound system and application to manatee movement | Leah Parker, University of Alabama in Huntsville