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March 8, 2023

New tool models wild horse management outcomes

The new open-access modeling tool can help managers compare management methods and their costs

October 26, 2022

TWS submits testimony on wild horse and burro management

In written testimony to the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, which met in early October, The Wildlife Society stressed the need for reducing populations of federally managed, free-roaming...

February 9, 2022

Wild horse gathers to continue in ‘public interest’

The Bureau of Land Management will continue to gather more than 2,000 wild horses from the Pancake Complex in Nevada after a federal court decision. The federal judge determined that...

January 20, 2022

BLM to increase wild horse gathers in coming year

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management will increase the numbers of wild horses and burros that it removes from the western United States during Fiscal Year 2022, in response to...

November 23, 2021

BLM releases wild horse research plan

The Bureau of Land Management released a research plan that aims to chart a new course for wild horse and burro management, using scientific advances to control the feral populations...

September 16, 2021

BLM removing wild horses across West

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is in the process of removing over 700 wild horses from the Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area and adjacent property in northwest Colorado...

July 14, 2021

Wild horse and burro populations decrease in past year

The number of wild horses and burros on public lands has decreased for the first time in almost a decade, according to a new report from the Bureau of Land...

May 7, 2021

Wild horses’ wells can benefit other species

The ecological impacts of wild horses and burro usually make for bad news. Scientifically considered feral animals, they are known for damaging the plants and soil of arid ecosystems and...

October 7, 2020

The Wildlife Society calls to reduce wild horse and burro populations

The Wildlife Society submitted written and oral testimony to the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, calling on the Bureau of Land Management to reduce wild horse and burro...

July 24, 2020

Court upholds BLM’s management of wild horses

A federal appeals court recently upheld the Bureau of Land Management’s decisions to help control populations of wild horses and burros, in two separate cases decided earlier this month. The...