4.1 Position Statements

TWS and TWS subunits have a responsibility as scientific societies for professional wildlife managers and conservationists to address issues that affect the current and future of wildlife. The diligent development of authoritative, science-based statements on wildlife issues is essential for interjecting wildlife concerns into decision-making processes. Position Statements issues by TWS and TWS subunits fill part of this role.

Position Statements are used to communicate the official position of TWS or a TWS Subunit regarding major issues in wildlife conservation.  Statements are developed by TWS members based on their scientific expertise and perspectives of wildlife ecology and management.

Position statements should define the issue; present factual background data; describe the most probable biological, social, and economic results of alternative actions; and may also contain recommended courses of action.  They should be relatively broad in scope, and address major areas of concern for wildlife conservation (e.g. spread of invasive species or energy development).

TWS Sections, Chapters, and Working Groups are authorized to create their own Position Statements when 1) the statement addresses a topic upon which TWS does not currently have a position statement, or 2) when the statement would be consistent with existing TWS position statements (Article 9, Section 2 of TWS Bylaws).

The formal approval process for position statements will depend upon your individual subunit’s bylaws, but may include approval by the executive board or the full subunit membership.  Depending on your bylaws, position statements may need to be reviewed and reapproved on a regular basis.

Draft copies of subunit Position Statements should be submitted to TWS Government Affairs & Partnership staff prior to approval to ensure consistency with TWS policy positions.  Submit drafts to:

Keith Norris, AWB®

Policy and Communications Director

The Wildlife Society

5410 Grosvenor Lane

Suite 200

Bethesda, MD 20814


Special Note for Working Groups:   TWS Council must approve all position statements developed by working groups prior to their final adoption by the working group.

See www.wildlife.org/position-statements for examples of TWS approved statements.

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