The May/June issue of The Wildlife Professional

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Conservation News

Can boxes help fight white-nose syndrome?

Conservationists coping with the spread of the deadly white-nose syndrome are finding innovative solutions by thinking inside the box. Wooden bat boxes work as artificial roosts for bats in areas with fewer trees around for

FYI News

For dolphins, popularity pays off

The reproductive success of male dolphins is not determined by strength or age, but by social bonds with other males. The better integrated males are in their social network, researchers found, the more offspring they

Conservation News

Forest degradation in Canada causes bird decline

In the Acadian Forest in eastern Canada’s maritime provinces, birds are declining due to logging old, diverse forests and replacing them with single-species plantations. Matthew Betts, a professor in the Forest Ecosystems and Society Department

Conservation News

State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement enrollment open

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is currently accepting proposals from conservation partners for the State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement initiative, a program focused on effectively restoring and managing wildlife habitat in alignment with state-established goals.