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Cameras gather key snake data on Guam

Brown treesnakes are known for their elusiveness, which makes it difficult for researchers and managers to assess the effectiveness of tools to manage them on the island of Guam, where they are invasive and incredibly

FYI News

Dolphin deaths in Virginia raise concerns

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is responding to a growing number of common dolphin sightings and strandings, including five deaths. The sightings are unusual, the aquarium says, since the dolphins (Delphinus delphis) are

Joshua Rapp Learn

TWS2021: Are marmots habituating to humans?

Yellow-bellied marmots can become habituated to human presence on hiking trails, but only to an extent. Constant vigilance of people nearby may cause the mammals to miss important meals before hibernation. “Marmots decreased their rate

Conservation News

Less biodiversity means more bird extinction

Conservationists often focus on protecting individual species to help maintain biodiversity. But researchers found that protecting biodiversity may be a good way to prevent extinction. Brian Weeks, an assistant professor in the School for Environment