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Senate hearing examines biodiversity loss

During a hearing last week, U.S. lawmakers highlighted threats to wildlife and the loss of biodiversity as well as how to address these issues. The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee specifically explored how

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Wildlife Vocalizations: Afsheen Siddiqi

Wildlife Vocalizations is a collection of short personal perspectives from people in the field of wildlife sciences. As a wildlife biologist working for the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of

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Migrating whooping cranes avoid wind turbines

Whooping cranes avoid wind turbines during migration, according to a recent study. Researchers monitored 57 whooping cranes (Grus americana) between 2010 and 2016 using radio-telemetry devices. The number of wind turbines in the Great Plains tripled

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Filling piping plover research holes

Since piping plovers were listed under the Endangered Species Act in 1985, researchers have been uncertain about some population dynamics and connectivity among the breeding groups that could help the birds recover in the Northern