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Nevada Chapter Meeting

The Nevada Chapter of The Wildlife Society announces their 2015 meeting on February 11-12th in Reno, NV. The meeting will be held in the Commission Hearing Room at the Nevada Department of Wildlife Office. A

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome
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Sea Star Plague Culprit Identified

Researchers identified the culprit of sea star wasting syndrome as sea star associated densovirus, a new pathogen different from all other known viruses infecting marine organisms. Read more at PBS News Hour.

Polar Bear
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Call for Proposals: 22nd Annual Conference

Winnipeg, Manitoba | October 17-21, 2015 Call for Proposals: Workshops, Symposia, Panel Discussions, and Special Poster Sessions Deadline: February 6, 2015 Proposals for workshops, symposia, panel discussions, and special poster sessions are invited for the 22nd