Conservation News

Flyway to the Danger Zone

Flying at night should be old hat for bats, but this routine feat is becoming increasingly dangerous. Tens to hundreds of thousands of migratory bats turn up dead at the bases of wind turbines every

TWS Local News

The Wildlife Confessional

Have you spent hours in the field being eluded by a species you were making every effort to locate? Did your day of field research turn in to a comical adventure? Your story may be

Next Generation News

UIUC Promotes Student Engagement

The University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign (UIUC) Student Chapter has been providing their members with several learning opportunities and field trips. Students participated in a firearms training under the instruction of certified range

FYI News

AFWA Blue Ribbon Panel

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA), which represents state fish and wildlife agencies, recently announced panelists for the Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources. The Blue Ribbon Panel — co-chaired

Next Generation News

Student Leaders Breakfast

The 21st Annual Conference starts this Friday, October 24th, and is packed full of opportunities to network, especially for students. There are many events during which you can learn from respected professionals in the field