1.1 Conservation Affairs Network Overview

Increasing the Society’s effectiveness in wildlife conservation policy through communication and collaboration

The Conservation Affairs Network engages and unifies the efforts of The Wildlife Society, its 200+ units, and nearly 10,000 members to advance wildlife conservation policy issues at the national, regional, and local levels.

The Network creates a venue for streamlined communication, collaboration, and cooperation on policy matters important to wildlife professionals.  This initiative gives wildlife professionals an effective method for bringing their valuable and crucial perspectives into the policy process, to impact decisions made by legislatures and agencies for the betterment of wildlife conservation, the wildlife profession, and TWS members.

The Network operates through Conservation Affairs Committees (CAC) established within TWS Sections and Chapters.  These committees are charged with identifying and addressing policy priorities within their region, and communicate their activities and policy needs to other CACs and TWS Staff.  CACs and TWS Staff support each other in their policy activities, lending experience and expertise to enhance efforts.

Through the Conservation Affairs Network, you have the strength and support of TWS’s entire network of wildlife professionals behind your policy activities.  We are now able to more effectively bring science into the policy process and ensure policies are soundly based in the scientific understandings and principles of wildlife ecology.

You can become involved in the Conservation Affairs Network by contacting your TWS Chapter or Section Conservation Affairs Committee or Executive Board.

1.1 Conservation Affairs Network Overview and CAN structure graphic pdf