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Welcome to the Wildlife Diseases Working Group

This is the official website of the Wildlife Diseases Working Group.

As of Spring 2017, our enrollment included 208 members representing the United States, Canada, Germany and Switzerland.

Our working group was founded in 2005 and gained official status in 2007.  It has grown steadily since its first meeting and we hope that you will consider joining us too!

The mission of the Wildlife Diseases Working Group is to promote better scientific understanding of the causes and consequences of disease in ecosystems and wildlife populations; to apply the principles of wildlife science, ecology, and epidemiology to the prevention and management of diseases in wildlife; to foster education and transfer of information on diseases to wildlife management professionals and the public; and to apply this knowledge to enhance the health and conservation of wildlife populations and their interactions with humans and domestic animals.

So check out our website, see what we are doing, and become a member of the Wildlife Diseases Working Group.

 ***ATTENTION WDWG Members***

It is that time a year again when we gear up for the TWS Wildlife Diseases Working Group (WDWG) annual elections. This year’s elections provide an opportunity for you to vote to elect a Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer and three members to our WDWG Board.
Photos and biographies of all candidates are here.

In addition, you will be asked to vote on proposed changes to the WDWG bylaws. These proposed changes provide additional clarity and direction for the Working Group in terms of the processes and timelines for elections, for forming and chairing WDWG committees and for holding meetings. The PDF version that shows in track changes the proposed modifications to the bylaws that you will be voting on is linked here. Please review these proposed changes prior casting your vote.

You should have received a link to the voting poll in an e-mail dated August 2, 2017. Note that voting in open until 11:59 pm Wednesday, August 23, 2017. Questions or difficulties accessing the poll, contact Rich Chipman, Elections Chair (richard.b.chipman@usda.gov).