Utah Chapter: Treasurer’s Report

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Treasurer’s Reports

October 2013:

This past spring, we experienced a 23% reduction in TWS members attending the annual conference held at Bryce Canyon (173 members attended in 2012 compared to 133 member in 2013).  Despite this, the financial status of the Utah Chapter of The Wildlife Society remains stable, and we are in a position to cover costs and other needs for the March 2014 meetings in St. George.  This past year, the Utah chapter was able to provide 4 undergraduate and graduate students with research funds and educational assistance.  Additionally, Utah was able to host the Central Mountains and Plains Section Meetings of The Wildlife Society in August of 2013.  The Utah Chapter provided funding and assistance with their annual banquet and other aspects of the meeting.  The Utah TWS Chapter is grateful for the interest and participation of its members, and we are committed to providing avenues to present wildlife related research and fund student projects.  Thanks to everyone for their continued support of the Utah Chapter of The Wildlife Society.