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Application Form For 2017 TWS Leadership Institute

Deadline: 17 March 2017

Personal Information
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TWS Section Memberships
Section Years (e.g. 1998-2006) Leadership Positions/Years
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TWS Chapter/Student Chapter Memberships
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Application Checklist:

  • Cover letter, with evidence of leadership capacity or potential, such as previous leadership positions held in TWS Chapters or Student Chapters or in other organizations
  • Resume, which includes a list of publications, awards, etc.
  • Academic transcripts (scanned copy)
  • 2 letters of recommendation from supervisors, academic advisors, professors, or others in leadership positions with whom you have worked and who are familiar with your leadership potential, commitment to TWS, and commitment to wildlife management and conservation (should be emailed directly to leadership@wildlife.org, subject line "Leadership Institute Recommendation for [applicant last name]")
  • An essay (1000 word limit), which succinctly summarizes (1) your concept of leadership, (2) your aspiration for your role within TWS and the wildlife profession in 5 to 10 years, and (3) why you are an ideal candidate for the Institute

Application Deadline is 17 March 2017.

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