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SE-TWS Committee Assignments

SE-TWS Committee Structure:

The bylaws of the Southeastern Section of The Wildlife Society specify two types of committees:  1) Standing Committees, and 2) Special Committees.  Four standing committees are specified in the bylaws:  Audit, Membership, Nominations, and Resolutions and Bylaws.  Special Committees include: A) Permanent, B) Joint (Section-SEAFWA or other entity), and C) Ad-Hoc (“temporary”).  Permanent committees continue year after year and are appointed by the Section President without consultation with the Association.  Joint committees include representatives from SE-TWS, these may be suggested by or appointed by the Association President or selected in other ways.  Some of the very large committees have “executive subcommittees” which are made up solely of Section members and represent the Section officially within the larger committees. Ad-Hoc committees are temporary committees that may be appointed by the Section President only to serve a single short-term purpose.

1. Standing Committees

Audit: Dr. Robert Warren, GA ,


Nominations: Dr. Mark Smith, AL,

Resolutions and Bylaws: Darren Miller, MS,

2. Special Committees

          A. Permanent Committees

Deer: Steve Shea, FL,

Fur Resources: Colleen Olfenbuttel, NC,

Publications Committee: John Stanton, NC,

Awards Committee: Andy Madison, TN,

WMEA: Dr. Chris DePerno, NC,

           B. Joint Section- Association Committees

C. W. Watson Award: Dr. Charles L. Elliott, KY,

Minorities in Natural Resource Committee: Paul Clemons, FL,
(subcommittee within SEAFWA Human Resources Committee)

Wetland Wildlife: Steve Rockwood, FL,

The Wildlife Professional Editorial Advisory Board:  Joe McGlincy,, The Wildlife Company, 229-248-7029, Bainbridge, GA

SEAFWA Editors for 2017 Wildlife Technical Sessions:
Assistant Editor, Dr. Christopher Comer, TX,
Associate Editor, Dr. W. Mark Ford, VA,

Newsletter Editor & Webmaster: Katie Edwards,,

C. Ad-Hoc Committees

Conservation Affairs Planning Committee: Dr. William Moore,
Abraham Baldwin  Agricultural College 229-391-4805

The ad-hoc Conservation Affairs Planning Committee is intended to plan and launch a Conservation Affairs Committee (CAC), which will include CAC Chairs from each SE-TWS member state chapter, and will liason with the other TWS Section CACs through the Conservation Affairs Network (CAN). 

Endangered Species & Nongame Wildlife Formation Committee: Dr. Jeannie Jones,

Liaison Committee: Steve Rockwood, FL,

The ad-hoc Liaison Committee (at some point, consider as a standing committee) will serve as a focal committee to receive information from the AFWA and SEAFWA committees and pass along relevant topics/information to the SE TWS Exec. Committee – this would be items that we may need to act on in some form or fashion.  This may be a larger committee with each member assigned to “monitor” 2-3 of the SEAFWA/AFWA committees.