Human Dimensions Textbook

The 2nd edition of the Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management is now available for purchase. Updated and revised, this classic work is a must-read for every student of wildlife management and every professional seeking to become a better manager. Edited by three leading experts in wildlife management (Daniel J. Decker, Shawn J. Riley, and William F. Siemer), this textbook explores the interface of humans with wildlife and their sometimes complementary, often conflicting, interests. The book's well-researched chapters address conservation, wildlife use (hunting and fishing), and the psychological and philosophical underpinnings of wildlife management.
Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management explains how a wildlife professional should handle a variety of situations, such as managing deer populations in residential areas or encounters between predators and people or pets.
This thoroughly revised and updated edition includes detailed information about
systems thinking
working with social scientists
managing citizen input
using economics to inform decision making
preparing questionnaires
ethical considerations
Whether you are a student or a seasoned wildlife professional, you must add this book to your collection. TWS members receive a 25% discount when using code HTWS. Order yours today!
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