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CCTWS 2014 Summer-Fall and TWS Conference Travel Grant Awardees Announced!

The 2014 Summer-Fall travel grant recipients are:

Andrew Don Carlos will be presenting at the North American Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB) in Missoula, Montana this summer.  He will be speaking at a symposium by the Social Science Working Group of the Society for Conservation Biology.  The theme of this session is “Informing Integrated Approaches to Addressing Human-Wildlife Conflict through Social Science.”  Andrew will share about his dissertation work on mitigating human-coyote interactions in the Denver Metropolitan Area.   He represents a team of co-authors from CCTWS.

Sarah Garza will be helping present at The Wildlife Society Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this fall.  Her research is through the United States Department of Agriculture.  She is studying expansion of feral swine populations and the potential for associated disease transmission.  Sarah hopes to further develop her project and sharpen her research skills at the conference.

The 2014 TWS Conference travel grant recipients are:

Wendy Lanier is a CCTWS student member who is pursuing her Masters degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at Colorado State University.  She will be presenting at the upcoming Wildlife Society Annual Conference.  Her talk will be on boreal toad and amphibian conservation in the southern Rocky Mountain States.  Wendy plans to be involved with the conference symposium, field trip, and networking events.  She plans to search for career opportunities at the conference.

Mindy Rice is Past-President of the Colorado Chapter of the Wildlife Society.  Mindy will be actively involved at The Wildlife Society Annual Conference.  She mentors new wildlife professionals through the Leadership Institute.  Mindy plans to help this select group receive top notch training and career development at the conference.  She also is engaged in the TWS Spatial Working Group and Biometrics Working Group.  Mindy will be contributing her expertise to the planning efforts of these groups during the conference.

Congratulations to Andrew, Sarah, Wendy, and Mindy!  We look forward to hearing what you learn through these professional development activities.

Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council Symposium

The Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council held their 19th Annual Symposium in Fort Collins on June 2-5, 2014. Click here for the symposium program, abstracts, and meeting information.


 The Colorado Chapter of The Wildlife Society was established in 1973 as the state affiliate of the international organization, The Wildlife Society.  Its 350+ members are educators, students, administrators, research scientists, consultants, resource managers, and wildlife law enforcement officers from all over Colorado.  The mission of the Colorado Chapter of The Wildlife Society is to promote wise conservation and management of all wildlife resources in Colorado by serving and representing wildlife professionals.