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Researchers to Revisit Moose Study

March 4, 2015

After two years of struggling to study moose calves, Minnesota wildlife researchers plan to give the moose calves study another try this year after working out a ...

Turkey Vultures Turning Up Comatose

March 4, 2015

Recent lab work has determined why turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) have been turning up comatose in wildlife clinics in northern California since last year. ...

Are Some Airports a Beehive of Activity?

February 23, 2015

A number of airports are starting to keep beehives in nearby fields, as part of an environmental initiative at airports around the world. Honeybees have been ...

Video: NASA Helps Survey Bald Eagles

February 13, 2015

Three times a year, NASA aircraft operations use one of NASA’s helicopters to conduct eagle flights with environmental ecologists to keep tabs on eagle nests. ...
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